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this blog will be full of a lot, from nature, to fashion, from fandom to politics. what can i say, i'm diverse! so enjoy your stay, and have yourself a lovely day

Moved back into uni the other day! It’s been redecorated over summer, so it looks much more modern, and clean. Things aren’t falling apart, and it’s still so cosy! Put up all my homey decor back up, brought some of the gang home (on my bed), and got an awesome Gandalf poster from my step-dad as a moving in present.

They’ve actually managed to get shelves on my ridiculous curved walls, which I’m pretty impressed with! I also have a comfy new bed, a massive wardrobe, and a nice new carpet.

We have a really cool lounge too, with all new sofas and things! It’s pretty nice, I like it quite a lot! Though not sure how long the glass coffee table’s going to last around four university students…

I’m living with two friends this year, and my fourth [stranger] flatmate literally just moved in! Three girls and a guy, and the new girl seems lovely. She’s a third year, so knows her way around, etc. and she’s been here before, like me. She seems pretty cool at first appearance, so hopefully we’ll all get on!

The kitchen actually looks lived in already this year; Megan and I have kinda taken over, with new towels with teacups on and owl oven gloves… yeah, we’re sad!

Very happy to be back :)